Malda, Jos (The Netherlands)

Professor Jos Malda is Head of Research at the Department of Orthopaedics, University Medical Center

Utrecht and the Department of Equine Sciences, University of Utrecht. He also leads the Utrecht Biofabrication Facility and is the Past President of the International Society for Biofabrication (2013-2018). He received his MSc degree in Bioprocess Engineering (Wageningen University, 1999) and completed his PhD on Cartilage Tissue Engineering in 2003 (University of Twente).

His research aims to promote tissue regeneration by recreating the 3D biological environment using biofabrication technologies. Specific focus is on the development of novel approaches for osteochondral repair through the convergence and development of new biofabrication technologies, including robotic dispensing, melt electrospinning writing and stereolithography. Bioprinted constructs are evaluated in vitro, in ex vivo (explants) osteochondral defect models and bioreactors to provide tissue maturation and validation as close as possible as that occurring in the in vivo situation. Moreover, promising strategies are translated towards in vivo models with potential impact on human and veterinary medicine.

Prof. Malda has published over 125 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and attracted over 9 million Euro in research funding and holds an ERC Consolidator grant.