News from the President

ECPCA - Corstiaan Breugem

This year has coming to a flying start, and it is hard to believe that January has already nearly passed. Many of us are busy with new initiatives like the ERN, ICHOM and COST. After the recent ERN meeting in Paris it was decided that the next subgroup meeting of the “Cleft domain” will meet on 8/9 June in Utrecht. Subsequently the whole ERN group will be meet again in Uppsala 8/9 November 2018.

After an introductory meeting at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in 2016, the approach the board of the new ECPCA should take was discussed. Subsequently I have received numerous mails about people enquiring about membership fees and other practicalities from people that have received word about this new association. It seems that people are really interested and willing to participate.

I think it is important that we meet once more before the 2019 meeting in Utrecht to make sure we agree about the future of the new association. My suggestion would be to have a morning session on the Friday (8 June) in Utrecht (preceding the ERN meeting that is starting at about 13:00) and discuss matters about the ECPCA for the 2019 meeting. At the Gothenburg meeting it was decided that the new board had the mandate to steer and develop the ECPCA. However, we can only change the Constitution after voting about certain matters that we may possible change. It is important to decide on certain matters before we let the attending people vote during the ECPCA meeting in 2019.

My suggestion would be that we all look at the current constitution (see attachment). I think we should subsequently have a discussion about matters that we feel should be discussed in Utrecht in the session preceding the ERN meeting in Utrecht.

I know that not everybody is involved in the ERN, but many of you will already come to Utrecht 8/9 June. Subsequently I would like to extend this invitation to all of you to participate in the discussion about the future of the ECPCA. Moreover, by then we should have a good idea about the outline of the congress, and if necessary we could still add a session of work-group about a specific topic. Also, we should discuss the fact that according to the constitution (5.1.4) applicants for hosting the next congress should indicate their intention 6 months in advance.